2012 !

Well, 2012 at last. Happy New Year to all my readers… all three or four?
It’s significant to me, as well as many others, because it’s the year we 1947 baby boomers turn 65. I can clearly remember where and when it was that I first thought about this milestone.
It was while I was walking, or perhaps riding in the pale green Commer mini bus driven by Joe Crawford, along the dirt road to the Werribee hostel. It was 1959, my last year of primary school at Wundowie. I worked out that I’d be 65 in 2012 and of course it seemed so remote as to be unbelievable. But here we are. I made it. We made it. Well, I’ve got six weeks to go, but barring accidents…

It was a quiet night around here last night, and Minnie wanted to sleep outside in the sand pit as usual. But about midnight the fireworks started to go off.

Well, she doesn’t take kindly to them and let out a few barks. Then she went quiet and I nearly let it be, as I was nearly asleep, but then I realised I’d left the gate open. And then I remembered that I’d taken her collar off earlier to wash it. Uh oh.

I got up and went looking for her and she was nowhere to be seen. So there I was standing on the street at 1210am in my jarmie shorts calling her and panicking a bit, because I didn’t want to have to go looking for her.

Luckily, after a few minutes, she appeared under a street light a few doors down and came when I called, albeit slowly and reluctantly. She thinks she can run away from thunder and loud noises.

That was the only problem I had. No loud parties in the neighbourhood, thank goodness.

Beautiful day here, cool 25C heading for 30. Very nice.


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