Whoo hoo!

Performer Swish

My partner continues to get me out and about, and this time I mean ‘out’. It was the last day of the Fringe Festival on Sunday and there was a ‘drag lunch’ at the Moon restaurant in Northbridge. I wanted to go, and I mean go. V helped me get dressed and made up even though she was a bit hesitant to go. But… Shazzam! Here I am.

People who know me well, know by now that I’m rather partial to this cross dressing thing, always have been and always will be. Until I finished work and my parents had passed on it was a deep, black secret, for over 50 years. I lived in awful fear of being discovered and never, ever went out.

But in September 2006 the Red Cross ran their ‘Cross Dress for Red Cross’ fund raiser and I saw that as the opportunity to go legit. I was terrified on the day, but after going out to the shops a few more times, I realised no-one was looking at me and the fear dropped away. Since then, I’ve been out many times with never a problem. I don’t go out often, but I’m completely comfortable with it. No fear whatever. The only thing that stops me doing it more is the pain, literally, of getting all the body hair off. It’s a hard job. But I do all my own makeup and it’s easy to buy clothes in my size now, as women have got much bigger over the years.

I’d booked a table for midday and the show started at 1pm. There was a big crowd including a big group of young ladies for a 21st birthday. I got a few looks and smiles from them. There were only two or three other trannies but I was definitely the best dressed, darlings. I had to go to the loo at one stage and made a show of asking V if I should choose Men’s or Ladies. I chose Men and found two guys in there. I’ve always been afraid of this situation, but they paid me no attention, thank goodness. Standing at the urinal with my dress hitched up and knickers pulled down almost made me laugh out loud 🙂

The show was driven by the guy/woman called Swish and entailed extremely energetic dances, miming to the loud music with added raunchy lyrics, with the last song being the ‘Sweet Transvestite from Tran-Syl-Vani-Aaaah.’

It lasted about 90 mins, then we moved back inside to a booth where we were joined by two of the three performers for about half an hour. The conversation was interesting and I got many compliments for my hair, makeup and dress. The dress is actually V’s, and she wore one of mine, how about that? We share dress and underwear sizes, hey. For once I’d found a pair of women’s shoes that fitted me, but they were only $10 flat sandals. Owww! Aching feet.


By then it was nearly 6pm so by the time we got to Butler it was just time to go to the Beach Shack for a glass of wine to salute the sunset.

I accused V of making a run in one of my stockings, but realised it was my own bling ring that did it.

So ended a great day, with V declaring it to be much more fun than she’d expected. She’s very outgoing and talks easily to people, so she had a ball. And I’ve made a couple of contacts in that world and discovered a place to go for a drink where TVs are accepted.

So now you know.


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