A Magic Date

Here we are — 11.11.11. I have it on good authority (my mate Uri Geller) that a portal to another universe is going to open at 11.11am. I’ve got my slippers on; I’m ready…


Hmmm, this other universe doesn’t feel very different, but it’s 11.17am here, so I guess it must be.


Frugal MacDougal

Heh, heh. I found yet another excuse not to go out today (too hot, thunderstorm brewing), so I’ll make it to tomorrow before I have to put fuel in my car. That will make it three months! I last filled it on 3 August.

And that’s despite fuel consumption of 14 litres per 100Km. I don’t do much driving.

This has been a great car (2001 Mitsubishi Magna V6 station wagon). It was a government owned car before I bought it in 2003 and had done 72,000Km of long country trips for Customs and Excise. That meant the engine was well run in.

Now, 8 years later, it’s still only done 142,000Km and is ultra-reliable and uses no oil or water. It was a good buy.
Whoa. Did I say 142,000Km? I did, but my memory misled me. I’ve only done 114,200Km. That’s only 42,000Km in 8 years, or 5,250Km per year. That’s even better.