Just thinkin’


Heathrow 2006


Heathrow 2012. Building new terminal.

I got a bit excited yesterday when I saw an ad for a cruise ship leaving from Fremantle for the UK on 1 April over 40 nights. That would be exactly 40 years to the day since I first took the ship-jet to Britain with Geoff, how about that?

I’ve done four cruises years ago and apart from one, really enjoyed them. The only one not so good was the return Singapore to Freo in November 1974. Nothing wrong with the ship, I just wanted to get home and it seemed as if the ship was stopped in the water at times. Anyway …

I’ve always wanted to do a cruise through the Suez canal and the Mediterranean, stopping at various Euro ports.  So I looked up the details, only to find that it goes via Reunion, Mauritius, Capetown and the west side of Africa.  Nah.  Not for me. That’s the long way and too much likelihood of bad weather.

I wonder if they go that way for fear of pirates near the Horn of Africa and troubles in the Middle East?

Anyway, although the fare was advertised at “from $4,729”, that’s for a quad inside cabin, only available to a block booking of four passengers.  Hah! Other twin cabins are $5,500 upwards. No thanks!

So that set me thinking – one reason I don’t want to fly direct is the boredom and discomfort (for someone my size) of a long flight. What if I did the thing I did in 2008 – Perth to KL, stay a couple of days, KL to Colombo and stay several days there (I would like to see Sri Lanka), Colombo to Vienna and train the rest of the way to London. Slow trip, lots of rest and sightseeing stops.  That would come in at way, way under $5,000 I should think, even staying four star. I’ll have to do the sums.

But to do it, I’ll have to get my legs back in order again. Ulceration started again a couple of weeks ago and although it seems to be healing well, it’s still a worry.

UPDATE:  I’ve just removed the dressings and bingo, it’s almost completely healed. The doctor will be pleased. Inodine gauze dressing is the answer, plus antibiotic.

I’ve done the beach stairs three times in the last four days and I’m starting to enjoy it again. Each time gets a little easier. No sore muscles this time either.



Gare du Nord Sept 2008

Come to think of it, May/June/July/August is peak season in Europe. I don’t think I want to be there at that time. Sept/October was brilliant last time.  Hmmm, another destination in April?


In preparation, I ordered a new camera this morning, an Olympus OM-D E-M1 body, as I have several Olympus lenses already.  Winner of two Camera of the Year awards so far. An outstanding design. Should arrive Thursday or Friday, from a Sydney store.


More book pages:



And right on cue, an email just arrived saying my books (this one, two copies) have been despatched, should arrive Thurs or Fri. Should be exciting days.


It rained a few minutes ago! For Perth, at this time of the year, it’s a bloody miracle. It was light and only lasted a few minutes, but the road is wet outside my front door. Noice.

A few more pages from the book:


071It’s quite a buzz.


I got an email this morning from someone I know headed: Please view this document

Oh yeah?  The body text asked me to click on a link and called it urgent.

Bulldust!  The link led to an address in country code .be, which is Belgium, and it included the word “pictures”.  Naturally, I declined their offer.

I haven’t corresponded with the friend in the address for 3 years or so. That means someone somewhere has one of our emails.  Scary.

One for the books



Finished another book today, the Java one. I’ve been working on this since mid 2012 through endless checks and revisions.  Every time I thought it was finished, I’d find another small error like reversed page numbers on 4-5 and 6-7 yesterday.  Or I’d slightly reword some text, or shift a photo a little bit.  Anyway, it’s done and sent off to be printed, so it’s too late now.  You can always order more copies if you want any changes.

But the cost! — $308 for 110 pages with a faux leather cover.  I ordered two copies, so $616.  Gulp.  It’s worth it, though.  On the other hand, today I’ve ordered two 15″ x 11″ (same as the one I’ve just done) blanks of 40 pages for $48 each on special. Their specials are not bad. It’s added pages that increase the cost.

Next is Japan, followed by an Asia Special, followed by Veni Vidi …  a retrospective.

Then there’s a Blu Ray — London, Cambridge, York: a Musical Tour.  And then another Blu Ray.  I’m never bored.


Did the beach steps today.  Hard going – it’ll be interesting to see how my legs are tomorrow.  I thought I might try the bus/train to Joondalup.  It seems to take less time than I first thought.

Seeds of doubt


This is interesting. I’m reading a book at the moment called Command and Control, about the USA’s nuclear weapons and their safety from earliest days to now. It’s written by a NY Times journalist and is reviewed as authoritative.

There have been a few niggles in my mind while reading it, things that seem like sweeping statements and hyperbole, along with a few grammatical errors.

Last night I was reading the part about where in 1958 a nuclear bomb was accidentally dropped over North Carolina (it didn’t go off). The author says Britain’s Daily Mail ran the headline, Is Carolina on Your Mind?

This immediately struck me as odd: In My Mind I’m Goin’ to Carolina, a song sung by James Taylor.  But 1958?  No!  He wrote the song in 1968.  Why would the Daily Mail have used those words in 1958?  It makes me doubt other things in the book too.

Just sayin’.

Memories (2)

A couple more shots of Berry St.


The front room. Jack and Bill on mantelpiece. I remember that clock very well. We had it for many years.


The wireless. I remember those paintings too. We brought them to WA.


I’m not certain about this one due to the poor quality,

but I think it’s my Dad (Jack) at his desk at work at the NSW Lands Dept.


I’m guessing, but Doris, Jack, Marion in bath, maybe Bill against door. Tall one?

Judging by my Dad’s age, about 1926, at Prince St of course.


Bill, Marion, Darcy, Jack. This one’s got a date: 29 April 1949


Tom, Jonathan, Donald and Ernie, with Rowdy.

I took this shot, around December 1971 at Corindi, NSW.

I’ve been trying to match early shots with today’s views:



Where is there such a high point near Mona Vale (early photo)? The nearest I could find was a spot among the houses in Newport, of about 150m and another at Bilgola Plateau.

img183 smallimg183cSpit Bridge, then and now.

More to come.

Aaah, memories (1)

In keeping with Jono’s blog, here are some of the photos I’ve collected for my memoirs. My Dad was a keen photographer all his life too, so I’ve got a lot of photos you ‘foreigners’ probably haven’t seen.


17 Berry St, North Sydney, date??  Ernest Croft on right. On left ??


17 Berry St today, white apartments on right.
Looking toward Pacific Highway, Optus building in view.


Looking in the other direction (W). This is more as I remember it.
I think the kindergarten was around the corner to the right at the bottom of the street.

I have many hundreds, if not thousands of photos stored away. Dad was always taking photos, especially over in WA and I have a great record of our early life until around the 1970s when we all left home for work and our own lives. Still some after that, but not as frequent.

I’m lucky as I’ve got a folder of 74 shots of myself at almost every age (well, I’m only 66 after all). I’m a narcissist  😉