The Slow Boat to China part 7


Keeping pace.

Thursday 30 October 2014

We’re out in the South China Sea properly now, on a NNE course to round the Vietnam bulge on our way to Hong Kong on Saturday. The sea is a bit rougher, with small whitecaps. Jan says the wind has to be about 12 knots to get that. It’s grey and cloudy with intermittent rain.

I haven’t booked any tours for Hong Kong and I’m quite nervous about doing so. A tour costs US$169, and I’m reluctant to spend that much. Jan booked all his tours before we left home, so we’ll be independent.

I’ve found that we’ll actually be at a wharf to the east of the city and I feel I could just catch taxis for far less than the tour cost.

As well, I really am quite weak and I tire very quickly. I may need to go back on board early. (Ha! see later.)

This has been a day of missing, hissing and pissing. Missing land, nothing to be seen from horizon to horizon. Hissing – the intense sound of a rain shower. Pissing down, really heavy rain on the leaden grey sea.


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