The Slow Boat to China part 8

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFriday 31 October 2014

I awoke during the night to see bright lights out the cabin doorway. One set was a warning buoy, but there was a line of road lights much further off. We must have passed by an island at about 0145.

Then at dawn, around 0635, I saw dozens of gannets flying alongside the ship, slowly riding the air currents, then diving down to skim the surface of the sea. They don’t seem to dive, just skimming. I wish I knew why. They are very graceful. They’re all white with black wing tips, except for a few which are dark grey or black all over.

Laundry this morning, self service laundromat that is. It costs $3 for a single wash, 44 mins, and $1 for soap. Tumble dry will be another $3 I think. It works on a touch screen to select your method, then swipe your cabin card to get a token coin for the washer and another for the soap. Neat.


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