Bali – Wednesday 26 November – day 33


(C) PJ Croft 2014

I’m not well, I’m afraid. So little energy I can hardly get up off the bed. Something’s wrong. No more kidney stone pain and only a little blood, but my urine is blackish rather than brown as it was. Vision effects and waves of weariness. My hearing is reduced by wax, mainly left ear, and I can’t shake the chest congestion, making me gurgle and rumble and rattle. Fed up with it. Not a happy onion. Not sick or nauseous, just no energy.

I investigated coming home early but to change my flight is quite expensive, and Jan still has his time here to think of. I’ve asked Air Asia for wheelchair assistance at both ends. I’ll make it, but it’s lucky this hotel is so pleasant because I’m doing little outside the room. But neither is Jan, just reading books. He’s “travelled out” too.

We went to Hardy’s in search of new distractions and I bought five DVDs at Rp10,000 ea. The other day I implied that they are expensive but I had my zeros mixed up. Rp10,000 is less than a dollar! I should have bought Interstellar even though it might be a bad copy.

Taxis are a minimum charge of Rp25,000 for this area, i.e. fixed price, so that makes it easy. That means a taxi for any reasonable distance is less than $3. Very fair in my opinion.

It’s clouded over; let’s hope we get some rain. It has been raining each night, especially noticeable when you’re sitting outside groaning with pain.