Memories (2)

A couple more shots of Berry St.


The front room. Jack and Bill on mantelpiece. I remember that clock very well. We had it for many years.


The wireless. I remember those paintings too. We brought them to WA.


I’m not certain about this one due to the poor quality,

but I think it’s my Dad (Jack) at his desk at work at the NSW Lands Dept.


I’m guessing, but Doris, Jack, Marion in bath, maybe Bill against door. Tall one?

Judging by my Dad’s age, about 1926, at Prince St of course.


Bill, Marion, Darcy, Jack. This one’s got a date: 29 April 1949


Tom, Jonathan, Donald and Ernie, with Rowdy.

I took this shot, around December 1971 at Corindi, NSW.

I’ve been trying to match early shots with today’s views:



Where is there such a high point near Mona Vale (early photo)? The nearest I could find was a spot among the houses in Newport, of about 150m and another at Bilgola Plateau.

img183 smallimg183cSpit Bridge, then and now.

More to come.


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