Aaah, memories (1)

In keeping with Jono’s blog, here are some of the photos I’ve collected for my memoirs. My Dad was a keen photographer all his life too, so I’ve got a lot of photos you ‘foreigners’ probably haven’t seen.


17 Berry St, North Sydney, date??  Ernest Croft on right. On left ??


17 Berry St today, white apartments on right.
Looking toward Pacific Highway, Optus building in view.


Looking in the other direction (W). This is more as I remember it.
I think the kindergarten was around the corner to the right at the bottom of the street.

I have many hundreds, if not thousands of photos stored away. Dad was always taking photos, especially over in WA and I have a great record of our early life until around the 1970s when we all left home for work and our own lives. Still some after that, but not as frequent.

I’m lucky as I’ve got a folder of 74 shots of myself at almost every age (well, I’m only 66 after all). I’m a narcissist  😉


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