It’s a date

Bali dawn© P. J. Croft 2010, 2013

“Today is 11/12/13, the last date this century with three consecutive numbers

This is the tale of Ron Gordon, the American science teacher whose life mission has been to make the world take notice of arithmetically appealing dates.” Guardian
Yes! Remember last year – 12/12/12 ? That was the last year this cenhtury that such a date was possible (my opinion). I took photos of a clock face on that day, and also tried to show 12.12pm on 12/12/12.   13/13/13 ? Couldn’t be done. The next possible date will be 01/01/01, meaning 1 January 2101. And the memorable 11/11/11 ? I do. I also have a photo I took on 03/03/03. I remember 06/06/66, 07/07/77, 08/08/88 and 09/09/99.
There was no 0/0/00 for the change from 1999 to 2000, and the turn of the millennium was NOT 01/01/00, even though the world celebrated it on that date. They were wrong! The turn of the millennium was 01/01/01 – 2001, not 2000.
Then there was 08/08/08 (2008) which the Chinese liked so much they built an Olympic Games around it.
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