Seeds of doubt


This is interesting. I’m reading a book at the moment called Command and Control, about the USA’s nuclear weapons and their safety from earliest days to now. It’s written by a NY Times journalist and is reviewed as authoritative.

There have been a few niggles in my mind while reading it, things that seem like sweeping statements and hyperbole, along with a few grammatical errors.

Last night I was reading the part about where in 1958 a nuclear bomb was accidentally dropped over North Carolina (it didn’t go off). The author says Britain’s Daily Mail ran the headline, Is Carolina on Your Mind?

This immediately struck me as odd: In My Mind I’m Goin’ to Carolina, a song sung by James Taylor.  But 1958?  No!  He wrote the song in 1968.  Why would the Daily Mail have used those words in 1958?  It makes me doubt other things in the book too.

Just sayin’.


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