One for the books



Finished another book today, the Java one. I’ve been working on this since mid 2012 through endless checks and revisions.  Every time I thought it was finished, I’d find another small error like reversed page numbers on 4-5 and 6-7 yesterday.  Or I’d slightly reword some text, or shift a photo a little bit.  Anyway, it’s done and sent off to be printed, so it’s too late now.  You can always order more copies if you want any changes.

But the cost! — $308 for 110 pages with a faux leather cover.  I ordered two copies, so $616.  Gulp.  It’s worth it, though.  On the other hand, today I’ve ordered two 15″ x 11″ (same as the one I’ve just done) blanks of 40 pages for $48 each on special. Their specials are not bad. It’s added pages that increase the cost.

Next is Japan, followed by an Asia Special, followed by Veni Vidi …  a retrospective.

Then there’s a Blu Ray — London, Cambridge, York: a Musical Tour.  And then another Blu Ray.  I’m never bored.


Did the beach steps today.  Hard going – it’ll be interesting to see how my legs are tomorrow.  I thought I might try the bus/train to Joondalup.  It seems to take less time than I first thought.


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