A cold day

I finally got my OSMO camcorder going with the help of my friend Les.


It’s a stabilised video and audio camera that records to a Micro SD card. It records in 4K! The advances in video recording in the past few years are just amazing.

Anyway, Les has an Apple iPhone that can connect to the internet via the 3G phone network. I can only connect via my wi-fi router. Since the OSMO camera requires to be connected to my phone by wi-fi, because the phone acts as the controller, I was unable to log on to DJI’s internet connection to register my camera.

This is atrocious!!! I bought this camera in May and took it to Bali with me. But because I couldn’t “register” the camera on DJI’s system over the internet, I was unable to use it until last week, nearly two months later. Unable to use it? No pictures, no life from the camera except for a fan running. This is pathetic.

However, it’s up and going now, only because Les was able to connect it to his phone and to the internet at the same time. Thanks Les. No thanks to DJI in China.


The pictures look dark and a bit over saturated. That’s because this is the first time I’ve used it and I deliberately set it to “Vivid” and -0.3EV, something I do with my still cameras. But this one is a bit too savage, so I’ll go back to the neutral settings.

To produce this 36 seconds of video has taken 2 hours! Shoot, ingest, edit, adjust audio to reduce wind noise, render it out, upload to Vimeo, incorporate into this page – at least two hours.

A lot of that time was uploading to Vimeo. It was a 33MB file and it took about 30 mins. This is very, very slow. If I had fibre optic NBN …


One comment on “A cold day

  1. pmslthdntd says:

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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