An intruder

Kalbarri rowboat87_1

Kalbarri 1987  © PJ Croft 2016

Huh. I was just invited to be a Facebook friend to someone I know, so I said yes. He popped up in a chat window soon afterwards, saying, “Hello” (actually “hello”).

I answered and he said “how have you been”. I made a fairly long answer, in a joking tone.

His next words were, “haven’t you heard, how God has been so great to us”.  Huh??

I answered, “How do you mean?”  This was not language the guy I know would use.

He went into a long meander about an agency, a number, and other stuff I didn’t understand.

I replied, “Oh bullshit! Who is this?”

Next thing I know, all “his” words were removed and replaced by a notice, “This post has been removed while we verify the sender’s address.”

So it was some intruder, impersonating someone I know. Huh! Luckily Facebook were on the ball and stepped right in. Good work.

I’m going to have to stop using Facebook. It just wastes too much time.


Boy fishing87

Fishing near Exmouth 1987  © PJ Croft 2016

I had my CAT scan with Barium “swallow” yesterday. It’s to see what’s happening around my gastric band, to see if there’s any interference with the vagus nerve. It might explain my dizziness, balance problems, palpitations and so on. This was a first time Barium for me, and I was a little nervous about the drink. I’ve heard horror stories over the years.

Well, I needn’t have worried. I got there about 10 minutes early and had just sat down to wait when they called me in. No waiting.

Nor was there any undressing. I sat for about ten minutes in a booth, then was called in, asked to take my windcheater off but leave my T shirt and sandals on, and to drink two plastic cups of a clear liquid, slightly sweet, same consistency as water. Easy, as I’d had nothing to drink that morning.

Then it was onto the sliding table, arms above head, three times through and it was all done, about 5 mins. No need to pay, no need to check out, just go. Easy!


Damn ticket parking. It’s a con. I had to go to a ticket parking area at the hospital yesterday (other parking area full!) and because I had no idea how long I’d be, I paid for 2.5hrs, total $5. But I was all done in 20 mins, so I wasted all that money, about $4 worth. (I gave my ticket to a lady who was just about to pay into the machine).

These ticket machines are a con, because most people have to way overestimate how long they’ll be, so the parking people get much more out of us than they should and we waste the unused part. Grrr.



Racehorse Goanna, Cape Range National Park 1987.  © PJ Croft 2016

One week to go to my next Bali trip. Gee, another opportunity to try to trim my packing down to fit my suitcase. Travelling with CPAP, medications, photo gear and computer gear is not easy. Not much room left for clothes. Lucky I’m going to a warm climate.