Smear madness

Smear madness.

The image above is an example of the craze for smeared light fittings on cars these days. It’s a designers’ fad, a styling craze that will date a car quickly and look ridiculous in a few years. That’s why I prefer traditional styling, of around ten years ago. I’m thinking of Mercedes, but also the first versions of the Ford Territory. I don’t like the new styling.


Gee, I’ve just noticed an article in the Guardian that makes a brilliant point:

In 2003, President George W. Bush, on the basis of bad intelligence (and you can take that either way), decided he would invade Iraq. He was backed uncritically by British PM Tony Blair, who also disregarded warnings and believed this faulty intelligence.

This caused 5,000 US soldiers to die, 179 British soldier deaths, up to 600,000 Iraqi civilian deaths, and several millions of displaced Iraqi people who crossed into Syria and Turkey to escape.

This led into the Syrian war, which then led on to the mass migration of middle eastern refugees trying to escape the wars moving to Greece, then on to Europe.

The bad decisions about the war by Blair led to a huge public distrust of politicians in Britain, and combined with the mass movements of refugees across Europe trying to get into the UK, indirectly led to the Brexit vote for Britain to leave the EU (and close the gates).

This is very likely to lead to the break up of the United Kingdom with Scotland leaving and a possible re-ignition of the Northern Ireland Troubles.

So look at that chain of events. All caused by that mass murdering war criminal George W. Bush, his militaristic Vice President Cheney and his uncritical, war mongering pal, Tony Blair.

The end results are not yet clear, but are likely to be disastrous for Britain. Meanwhile, I’ve read that 20 returned US soldiers a week are committing suicide back home in the USA from the effects of their service.

George W. Bush also signed many death warrants while he was governor of Texas. The man is a mass murderer.


I continue to be amazed at the coincidences I see these days. Last week I walked through Cloisters Arcade in Perth and saw a cafe called Schmear. I’ve never seen that word before in my life.

Next day, it was used in an article in the Saturday Paper! I wish I’d kept the article to prove it, but I swear it’s true, yer honour.

You can find it in Wikipedia as North American slang:


  1. an underhand inducement.
    “he knew the schmear was on when the producer invited him to lunch”
    2. a smear or spread.
    “a schmear of low-fat cream cheese”
  1. flatter or ingratiate oneself with (someone).
    “he was buying us drinks and schmearing us up”
    I’ve never seen it before.


Brrrrrr. I seem to be feeling the cold much more than I used to. Could it be I’m getting older?  I’m not old, I’m distinguished.

I’ve still got a medical investigation to be done, and then I might head back to the warmth of Bali. Maybe August? I hope.


I’ve noticed articles about emu oil being particularly good for skin and bones. I’ve bought a 1 litre pump container of emu oil lotion for the amazingly low price of $3. It’s supposed to be good for bad skin, meaning I’ll use it on my legs. The lower parts don’t look too good these days, very dark and hairless. But the skin seems thicker and less prone to the skin breaks and lesions I used to get.

There’s also emu oil capsules to swallow for joint pain, like fish oil but without the side effects. Unfortunately a big container of about 500 capsules costs $45. I left that one for now.


Well, the Liberals were voted back in, so that means we’re condemned to a second class fibre optic network that is incapable of speeds above about 25Mb/s now, and can not be upgraded to cope with future developments. Congratulations, you people who voted against Labor. I hope you’re satisfied with second rate broadband.

When Labor gets in again, it’s going to cost $billions to fix Turnbull’s mess. How one man can be so dogmatic and pig headed is beyond me. Malcolm Turnbull. This is the man who crippled Australia’s broadband network. There’s not an engineer in the NBN Co who thinks this is the way to do it. It is universally recognised by engineers and technicians as wrong. Bloody hell!!!

Remember, Malcolm Turnbull is the man who was sucked in by Godwin Grech’s false emails in 2009 (just Google “utegate” – there’s a complete Wikipedia article on it). Turnbull has very poor judgement and gets fixated on things. This election campaign is a prime example.