My heart protested…

Things got a bit too much on Sunday. The garage sale was going well, but it was another warm day and I was pretty tired and anxious. It was OK, I sold a lot of things, but there’s a long way to go.

The house was open for inspection from 3-4pm so I took Minnie in  the car to the park. But I’ve been having a lot of palpitations over the last few months and this time they seemed a bit stronger and didn’t stop. There was a bit of pain in my throat and left shoulder, not much, but …

When I got home at 4pm I thought I’d better call an ambulance as I was feeling a bit sick and breathless and very weary.

So off we went to Charlie Gairdner Hospital and they found my heart was pumping chaotically at 125 – 150 bpm. Aspirin and oxygen worked their magic and about ten  minutes after I got there, my heart suddenly flipped back to its normal rate and I felt OK again.

After a blood test and X-ray and a boring four hour wait, I was transferred to Hollywood Private Hospital about 9pm and spent the next two nights there, under constant monitoring. Lots of tests, but it didn’t show again, so today at 2pm they let me go home. I have to have an exercise stress test to see if it will happen again, but it’ll mainly be adjustment of medication. It’s an uncomfortable condition, but not life threatening.

Keith ran me home and Barry was there to make coffee and welcome me, and Minnie of course. She’s very happy to see me.

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