I nearly had a solution to clearing the house. It would have been a bit drastic.

In the photo in the last post, the bed is shown leaning against the back wall. In fact, behind it is the hot water heater. I started my shower and noticed that the water was not getting very hot and was fluctuating in temperature. I let it run for a bit with no improvement, so I went outside for a look.

I realised the bed was covering the exhaust vent for the fan forced gas heater! The bed base covering was smoking. It wouldn’t have been much longer for it to catch fire, and the rafters are just above. Burning the house down would have solved a lot of problems, although there might have been a few new ones created.

I switched the heater off quickly and moved the bed.

I’m feeling a lot less stressed now. This should look less cluttered than last week, as a lot of things have gone, either sold or to the tip. Most of the rest is spoken for and should go this week. That’s a relief, as I’ve booked to go to Bali for the whole of May and I didn’t want to leave good things out in the rain, assuming we ever get any.

Even the old carpet is spoken for! It’s going to be covering the ground around a sheep feeder on a farm. Lucky sheep.

Minnie is enjoying her trips to the park when the house is open for inspection. Still no sale, I’m afraid…

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