Minnie’s re-homed

I took Minnie over to Keith’s this afternoon while the house was open for inspection. Only one visitor, I’m afraid, but Hadley said she spent a fair bit of time here and seemed interested in my redevelopment drawings. (Over the years, I’ve drawn up plans to alter the house at minimal cost to make it a three bed, two bath house. I’ve got two nice drawings. I can’t afford to do it any more, though.)

Just as I was about to back out of my carport, “Whack!!”  A golf ball had hit my passenger side window. That’s the side facing Hamersley golf course. It must have been a wild shot to have come right across Marmion Avenue to hit my car. I didn’t hear anyone yell “Fore” either.

I’ve managed to confuse or mislay the key to one of the padlocks on one bag. It’s not too important, it’s only a side pocket, but I may have to break it open when I get there.

I hope I’ll feel better when I get to Bali, because I feel bloody awful now. Flight’s at 8pm.