Good dog

Yes, 29 October, yesterday, was Dad’s birthday. He would have been 89. I still think of him often.

I’ve just been for a walk along Marmion Avenue and as usual, Minnie at first wouldn’t come with me, preferring to plonk down in the shade.

But I reached the seat up the road and noticed a bloke coming along behind me stoop down to pat something, and there was Minnie.

He stopped and sat on the seat beside me and I chatted about Minnie, how she follows me but is slow due to arthritis. He didn’t say much, just nodding, but when he got up to go on his way, he patted me on the shoulder! Unusual…

Minnie’s got an adenoma (pre-cancerous lump) on her b/s and it’s growing. I can also see a soft lump on her side, same side as the adenoma. It’s pretty obvious it’s growing inside her, but what can I do? She seems happy, despite difficulty walking. But if I take her to the vet, he’ll say he can operate, but the cost will be $2,000 or more. She’s already had one operation costing $1,000 about four years ago to remove the adenoma, but it grew back again.

I can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on a dog which is going to die within a few years anyway. But it’s hard.

Well, thanks to Ian and Naomi, the villa is now on the web and up for bookings:
Click on the photos (on the web site) to get a slide show.

It might seem expensive, $350-$450 per night, but keep in mind you’re getting four double rooms, plus your own dining and lounge and pool and enclosed compound. It’s aimed at big families, two or more families, groups of friends and so on. Also business groups – meetings, seminars and the like.

It’s warming up (27C today, 30C forecast for tomorrow) and I dread the thought of another heat wave like Jan-April this year. That period was so traumatic for me (house on sale, house being stripped out, selling or ditching or gifting all my things) that I don’t want to go back there. I’m finding I look forward to the damp, grey days we’ve been having.

Selemat malam.


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