Guilty, yer honour

Bugger, bugger, … bugger.
I got a letter yesterday marked O.H.M.S.* What’s this, I thought. Well, it was a nice note from the police with a speeding fine notice. There was my car in the picture, 47Km/h in a 40Km/h zone.
First time in over 47 years of driving!! I can’t deny it … I remember it clearly. I saw the 40 school zone sign before I entered the roundabout but another car distracted me and I immediately forgot. Not a human being, let alone a child, in sight, mind you. $75 fine but no demerit points, thank goodness.
How about this: Australia              3,707
Indonesia             204
Germany               85
United States        45
United Kingdom    6
Switzerland            5
Hungary                 4
Canada                  1
New Zealand         1
Philippines              1
These are the all time page views of my blog. Australia and Indonesia are no surprise (thanks, everyone), but from the map Google provides, one or more of my USA readers is in Alaska! To my friends in all those other countries, Hi, thanks for dropping in.


* O.H.M.S.  On Her Majesty’s Service! You gotta be kidding. This is the WA Police Department in 2012, still using the colonial letterhead. Get up to date guys. We’re not a republic yet, unfortunately, but we don’t tug forelocks to the queen any more, either.

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