I knew it!


I knew it. The correct way to pronounce bruschetta.

“But we monolingual Brits have less right to pass judgment. We have the worst language skills in Europe. Many of us can’t even properly pronounce the food we eat (bruschetta is “bru-SKET-a”. We should stop saying “bru-shet-a” if we don’t want to drive Italians crazy).” (From The Guardian today).

I’ve been asking around this year and most people say bru-shet-a, but I’m sticking to my guns. It’s bru-sket-a.


Phew. One of the side effects of the new medication I’m on is fatigue. I can verify that. It’s supposed to wear off but I’m not up to the full dose yet. Some weeks to go. Doin’ a lot of sleeping.


Well, how about that. Just after I wrote that, the phone rang and it was Perth Clinic asking how I’m getting on. I mentioned the fatigue and they asked me to make an appointment with the doctor at the clinic, which I’ve done. Neat.