Change is good


Cairns 1997 © P J Croft 2014

You’ll notice the new look.  I saw this on someone else’s blog and liked it, so here it is.  The other one was a bit black and techno.


I finally saw my mouse a couple of days ago.  It ran across the top of the bench in the kitchen and stopped at the end, looking at me for several seconds.  I made a slight move, thinking I might be able to grab it, but Geronimo!, it jumped and fell to the floor, then skittled behind a cupboard.  This is a metre high bench onto a hard tiled floor.  It would be the equivalent of us jumping 30m onto rocks, I think.  Yet it survives.  Courageous mouse.


Insulin:  my BGL readings seem to be pretty regularly between 8 – 10 mmol/ml during the day.  Early mornings are often 6 – 6.5.  This is good.  Two hours after dinner is still up around 12 – 16, which is too high, so I might need extra insulin later in the day.  I’ll find out next Friday.

I still feel very tired though.  Very limited stamina and endurance.  I need to go back to the bed in the daytime for an hour or so, and feel much better when I wake.  I went down to Trigg this morning for a coffee with a friend and intended to go on to Osborne Park for an errand, but I was too tired and came straight home.  I hope things will improve later this year.


Last time I was at that Trigg cafe I saw a yellow Lamborghini go past.  Then half an hour later on that morning, I saw another one, a silver one, at the lights near Karrinyup. Two in one morning!

This morning another one went past!  Black this time.  What is this, Lamborghini territory?  Some people have lots of money.


BANG!  That was the sound from my shower yesterday.  I used the hot water for the first time since 1 November last year and there were many air bubbles in the pipe.  One of them was so strong that it almost exploded from the shower head, and in fact, blew the diffuser partly out.  The water squirts in a wide stream from the side now.  It seems to be just a press fit into the metal housing, so I’ll have to prise it out and see if I can glue it back in.  Meanwhile I’m using a spare shower head.  A spare shower head? Doesn’t everyone have a spare? 🙂


I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking the other day, voice dictation and recognition software.  I tried it many (10?) years ago but you had to train it for several hours to learn your voice in those days.  I never had much success.  All I got was a text file with many errors that had to be edited and corrected before use.

This latest version is supposed to be magical – no training required, Aussie accents recognised.  I’ll give it another try.


Hinchinbrook Island, Qld 1997 © P J Croft 2014


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