Are they joking?


Home of titles – The Royal College of Arms, London
© P J Croft 2008, 2014

Yesterday I tried to make a donation to the Australian Conservation Foundation, but in filling out the on-line form, I nearly fell over laughing.  Under Title, the drop down list showed these choices:


Swami? Frau? Count?  They’ve missed a few: what about Imam, Mullah, Sensei, Tan Sri, Brigadier … ?  I love the reversal of Mr & Mrs as opposed to Ms & Mr.  Why show Ald and Alderman?  And what does Clr mean? Edit: (Oh, yes, Councillor.)

I gave up trying to make my donation because I became so frustrated at all the information they want from me.  I’ll go back and do it again because it’s something I want to support, but the person who designed this web page needs to think about it.


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