Virtuoso Didgeridoo

A fantastic virtuoso performance outside the Pomidou Centre in Paris, September 2008. This is part of an eight minute clip I shot hand held while standing enraptured. Canon HF8 HD camcorder.

At last I’ve worked out how to post video clips here. You have to upload them to YouTube first, then link to the YouTube file with the url they give you.  Complicated, but it works.  This file is 67MB and it took around 35 mins to upload! Counting the time it took to select the clip from the 8 minute segment, add the copyright watermark and do the conversion to mpeg4, it’s taken me more than an hour for this one clip!

PS: I’ve just discovered that her name is Adele Aokky (I think). If you search on Paris Didgeridoo, there are several clips shot by a variety of other people. I’m not the only one. I did donate, by the way, 5 Euros, I think. She didn’t speak English but she must have been to Australia.


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