It’s a start


The new back lawn

I realised yesterday that I haven’t shown you my revamped side and back areas.


The side, formerly unusable.

It cost more than I wanted, but once I started, it had be finished.  I’m buying plants for it now, and with the richness of that soil and the reticulation, I hope to have a lush garden soon.  That’s a curry leaf tree at the back corner.  Regardless of the uses, I just love the look of it.  I’ve also bought some veges, lettuce, broccolli, spring onions and tomatoes so far.


So the Catholic Church doesn’t want to do birth control at the new Midland Hospital.  Is this the same Catholic Church

  • that sexually and physically abused thousands of children for nearly a hundred years in Australia and Ireland;
  • that carried out unauthorised medical experiments on young children;
  • that murdered hundreds of young children in Ireland;
  • that covered up all the deviant priests’ crimes;
  • that practised sadistic cruelty in convents and seminaries;
  • that refused to admit that these things were going on;
  • that denied liability for decades;
  • that amasses vast untaxed wealth;
  • that harbours embezzlers and fraudsters in the Vatican;
  • that builds vast monuments at huge cost, dripping with gold and precious jewels;
  • that dresses its priests in obscenely expensive robes, gowns and finery;
  • that harbours child molesters in the Vatican;
  • that preaches against birth control in desperately poor countries.

Yet they say this is all done in the name of God, to the glory of God.

In my opinion, religion is the number one evil in the world.  Just look at Iraq today, Sunni vs Shia, cruelly fighting in the name of Allah.


What a dilemma.  I got an email saying there is no stock available of that Panasonic GH4 camera and they don’t know when there will be.  They offered to refund my money and I said YES.  It hasn’t come back yet, though.

But what a choice I’ve got.  There are some fantastic cameras available now –

  • the Panasonic GH4,about A$1650
  • the Sony RX10,about A$1050
  • the Fujifilm X-T1,about A$1700
  • the Pentax K-3, about A$1200
  • the Panasonic DMC-FZ1000, just announced today, about A$800

I want all of these!  The standard of cameras has never been so high.  Film?  Forget it.  Digital is so good now that the lenses have had to improve to keep up.  And they have.  This is great.