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Sapphire Princess

imagesI made the payment for the cruise today, so we’re on our way. No backing out now. This is going to be a burster of a trip: Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China – Hong Kong and Mainland, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. Wow. I hope I can make the pace. I went shopping this afternoon and at 5pm I’m drooping. What am I going to be like after a day stumbling along uneven footpaths in heat. Can’t be helped.


I always wish my CPAP machine was smaller and lighter for travel. Well, there is one designed for just that.

transcend.ezex.cpapA friend has one and I’ve borrowed it for a trial. After two nights, I don’t think it’s going to suit me. The airflow seems different – I have to breathe harder to get enough air and I wake up tired – not a good sign. It’s a big relief to go back to my AutoSet S8. Maybe I’m not using it correctly? It’s supposed to be self adjusting. Must find out more.

I was going to buy one but at $695, plus the humidifier adding $500, I baulk. Lucky I can trial it. If I can get it to suit me, I can rent one from the pharmacy at Whitfords, I think.


Also lucky, the friend who lent it to me had a treadmill in his driveway. He asked me if I want it. Yes please! I’ve been on the verge of buying one, whereas his was about to go out onto his verge.

The reason is, it has a fault. It only runs very slowly. He’s had the electronics board replaced once at a cost of $200 but it’s failed again, so he’s not interested in spending more on it. That’s OK, I’ll have a go at it. Should be fixable.

That was a lucky break.


My battles with supermarkets continue. Yesterday I bought six packets of sugar free mints at $2 each. When I got home, there were only five in the bag! But I’d been billed for six. No, the missing packet is not in my boot.

But today I got my revenge. I bought a copy of The Economist (in Coles! Not available at my local newsagent.) When I got home, I noticed it hadn’t been scanned. Score one.


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