Nissan_Juke_Midnight_v2_lights_webgraphic-604My new contender for the ugliest car on the road. Perhaps ever. Nissan should go and stand in the corner.

NISSAN_Juke_Personalisation White W2 2carI can’t bear to look at it. Designers, hang your heads in shame.


There’s an Italian cafe in the main street opposite the pub here called Carlo’s. A few months ago I wanted breakfast and sat out on the pavement. But I was mightily offended when the waitress told me if I sat outside, I would have to pay in advance. In other words, I was a potential non-payer, a potential crook. I was angry and I haven’t been back since. (In the same way that I haven’t been back to three service stations near me because they insist I have to make my car face inwards. In other words, I’m a drive-off risk! My protest that I’m a local was met with, “They all say that, mate.” OK, no more business from me! I go to the one that doesn’t make a fuss at Quinns.)

A new Dome cafe has opened opposite the pub overlooking the lakes. I’ve eaten breakfast there twice and it’s OK, if a bit expensive ($19 for bacon and eggs and coffee).

Then a sign appeared outside Carlo’s – Grilled bacon and eggs and FREE coffee, $8.50. OK, I’ll come back, so I went there this morning. But they wouldn’t supply what they advertised. I said I wanted the special on the sign, bacon and eggs and coffee. That’ll be $17.50, she said. What? The co-owner comes over and mumbles something. I say I want the special. $17.50 she says. But. but … No, she wouldn’t budge for some reason.

Like a fool, I didn’t make a fuss and paid up. I can’t understand why I did. But, what the hell? OK, that’s it, no more business from me. I’ll go to the Dome from now on. Go out of business Carlo’s – you can’t treat your customers like this.


I’ve become a fan of the TV program “If You Are The One” on SBS2 at 7pm most nights. It’s made in China, transmitted in Chinese with English subtitles. That’s fine, it’s easy to watch. It has a charm about it due to the host Meng Fei, the two assistants Le Jia ( a very smart guy) and Huang Hu, a gorgeous lady.

It features 24 beautiful girls looking for a marriage partner and a succession of guys who try to convince them. Very entertaining.

But I can’t help noticing how the girls don’t hesitate to make sexist, disparaging remarks about the guys. He’s too fat, he has narrow shoulders, he looks too young, he looks too old, he isn’t sincere, he doesn’t have enough ambition and so on and on. The poor guy just has to take it. Many, many guys are knocked back by all 24 girls.

If the roles were reversed, with guys making comments about the girls, there’s be an outcry. Hypocrisy’s a funny thing.


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