I try to stay calm!

I try to stay calm!

This item is triggered by something that happened today. I’ve been told that I’m too sensitive, hypersensitive, in fact. I notice slights, insults, ill mannered actions, bad manners, tactless remarks and so on. Nineteen times out of twenty I say nothing, let it slide, keep my happy face on. But I rarely forget. Nine out of ten people will never know I’m upset. But I notice the insults and stupidities.

Today I’ve been assembling my LARGE order for my model railway parts. About midday I phoned a company called DCC Concepts who are quite big in model trains, both manufacturing and in sales. Amazingly, they’re in Naval Base, about an hour down the road from here. Yay, a WA company. I spent some time on their web site. But I couldn’t find anything for N-gauge (2mm:1ft) on their site.

So I phoned and asked. “No mate, we find N-gauge is too hard on our eyes.” That is, they don’t like it because it’s too small.

Well, I take this to mean that if you want N-gauge, you must be (a) weird, (b) a toy railway maker, or (c) not worth their time or attention. I was offended! This is what I mean about Australian retailers. It’s near impossible to deal with Australian firms. Stanbridges have been the pre-eminent model train place in Perth for decades, but their web site is useless. No pictures, no idea of stock levels, many missing prices. Don’t waste my time, please.

So, the result was that I placed an $850 order with a UK retailer today. Stupid, stupid, stupid. They lost my business. It’s cheaper and easier to order from the UK than it is to drive down the road in Perth.

This is the time to bring up another incident that happened many months ago. A visitor needed to use the toilet while he was here and before I could direct him to the second bathroom toilet, he walked in to my en-suite bathroom and used the toilet there. No problem for me, so far.

But when he came out, he made a comment (I can’t remember the exact words) that it needed cleaning and asked if I’ve considered getting a cleaning lady.

What!! How bloody rude! I would NEVER make a comment on the cleanliness of someone’s bathroom or toilet.

I was offended. And this same guy about half an hour earlier had told me I’m too sensitive. Yeah, right.

On another occasion several years ago, with a friend who’s a bit of a wine buff, who demonstrates wine and likes to buy good stuff, I offered to share my bottle of 1971 Grange, a $1,000 touch by now. I suggested we make it worthwhile by going to a really good restaurant, Clarke’s of North Beach, a highly rated local restaurant.

He was keen, naturally, but in talking about, it he said he’d have to bring his girlfriend, and “it’s non-negotiable.”

Well mate, that cut you out of that wine tasting. I’m not going to be told who I share my wine with! Non-negotiable?!

On another occasion, when I was preparing to move to Bali, a friend said, “You’d better learn to control your temper in a Muslim country.” Oh how tactful. It’s not a Muslim country, mate. Get your facts right and learn a bit of tact and politeness. I’m not the one who needs to learn how to behave in a foreign country. He’s never been to Bali, by the way, knows nothing about it, yet he wanted to give me gratuitous advice..

On another occasion, I asked if I could borrow a friend’s digital camera because I waas thinking of buying that model and wanted a feel of it. He said, “Oh, we’ve made it a policy not to lend cameras because of damage that’s happened in the past. I hope you won’t be offended.” Of course I was offended! He was suggesting I would damage his camera. I was bloody offended and upset. We got through it, but he still never lent me the camera.

These are just four examples of the hundreds of insults and ill mannered comments I have to endure. For 95% of the time, I endure it with a smile and don’t let my feelings show. But eventually, occasionally, things build up and I blow my stack. It happens rarely! No more than three or four times in the past 15 years.

But because of my final angry outbursts, I’m seen as too hard to get along with. Well, I can’t see any way past this. I don’t know any other way. I try my hardest to put up with it, but some people just break through my politeness.


As I said, I placed an $850 order with Hatton’s of the UK today. The VAT was GBP44, which comes off the total, and the freight to my door is GBP34, so I pay 10 pounds less than someone in the UK pays! Delivery is 2-3 working days after completion of order, they say, so next week.

This is pretty amazing stuff. Here am I sitting in my room talking to computers in the UK at about 4am their time, able to browse their entire catalogue of thousands of items, all with pictures, prices, measurements, stock levels and weights. I make my order, pay for it by credit card on line, get a one-off Netcode security SMS number from the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney on my mobile phone, enter my address with only a few clicks because the web site knows all about Butler WA, click accept and get a confirmatory email withing seconds. All done. Bloody amazing.

Electronics does this, ladies and gentlemen. Electronic engineers and technicians. Let’s hear it for them!


I bought two more blow-mould tables today, to support my baseboards. These are 1200 x 2400mm tables that fold up in the middle like a sandwich, so they’re quite small to carry and store away. $38 each. I’ve got four now, so that’s all I need. Maybe one more, I’ll see.

Tomorrow another sheet of 9mm MDF, but it’s too hot to go out! We’ve had a week of 37s and 38s, only 33 today but another 38 forecast for tomorrow. It’s too hot to go out for me.


I also had a guy in to completely clean out and re-grout my main (en-suite) shower recess today. It looks a bit grotty at the moment because it’s covered in dusty dry residue that I have to leave for another 24 hours before I ket it get wet, but he’s sprayed all the tiling with a sealant, so I hope no more mould. Not that there was much, but the previous owners had tried to reseal it with liquid gunk and it looked terrible. I hope the natural look of the stone tile feature strip will show through now.


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