Last rites

Murchison R 1

Murchison River, WA. Someone wrote in to the newspaper and said “Why is Australia called the “wide brown land?” Dumb question.   © PJ Croft 1987, 2017

It’s just over a year (12 March 2016) since the great Bali romance kicked off, and a year today (13 April 2016) that she came to visit me in this house.

What a year! Probably the most exciting of my life. But not all in the right way, and now it looks as if it’s all over. I tried my hardest to keep it going and thought I’d succeeded a couple of times, but long built-in prejudices against men were too much for me.

Among other problems was, many times, not understanding my jokes and when something I said was a joke. I had to adopt the practice of explicitly stating when I was joking. Even that didn’t work sometimes.

It’s true, the German sense of humour is much different. I found an article from The Economist magazine on it, and I have to agree. Germans take what you say literally, even though the Aussie dry wit is not meant to be taken seriously. I found this out to my cost.

I admit I made mistakes, but even though I apologised sincerely and profusely when it was pointed out, there was no forgiveness. I’m a male, you see, and males are oppressors of women. No allowances, no forgiveness, no understanding.

So endeth the lesson. I’m bruised, battered, depressed and sad. I really thought I’d cracked it at 69/70. I gave it my best shot, but it was never going to be good enough. I was up against a lifetime of prejudice. I didn’t stand a chance. Thinking back (my memory is fantastic) the signs were there from the very beginning, from within the first week and month, but I didn’t realise. I do now.

I’m back to being alone, and it ain’t easy!

Shothole Canyon

How I’m feeling?  Shot-hole Canyon, Cape Range, nr Exmouth, WA  © PJ Croft 1987, 2017


However, as they say, when one door closes, another opens. I’ve been contacted a couple of days ago by my old Bali friend Yudhi,  from the villa days. He’s coming to Perth on 30 May. We’ve often talked about him coming and I’ve offered to pick him up and accommodate him, so that’s what I’ll be doing. This will be his first visit, although he travels widely. He’s recently been to Japan, for example.

I mention this because he has a wide range of friends in Bali, and owns a large (but cheap and simple) hotel and restaurant, so it’s possible I might be able to go up and meet people through him. Maybe Balinese ladies? 😉 🙂

This gives me the kick in the backside I need to finally attend to the jobs around this house. Such as replacing fly-screens and cleaning windows.


What’s the big deal about gall bladders? I’m not noticing any difference now mine’s gone. I was told to look out for diahorrea or a general feeling of stomach upset. I’ve been testing things by eating the same as I always did, but I’m not having any problems. Let’s hope it continues that way.


However, the surgeon’s dietician wants me to go onto a severe diet, the Very Low Calorie Diet for a month or two, lose a heap of weight, then go onto the 5:2 diet to maintain the loss.

I did this before in 2007/08 and lost 28kg then, so I know I can do it, but at the moment I’m feeling the Bali loss too heavily. I will do it, but the will-power is not there right now. Soon.


Every time I go out driving on the roads, I see at least one car or vehicle with at least one dud tail or brake light. Every time! People don’t check their tail and brake lights. Negligence! It’s so easy to do – just park reversed in to a shop window and put your foot on the brake. So easy, but people don’t do it. Negligent!


Next door’s dog is still barking in full voice. It is driving me nuts! I hate to do it, but I’m going to have to complain. The barks come every five seconds from dawn until 10.30pm or later. It’s not every day, I don’t know why some days are quiet, but I never hear the owners trying to quieten the dog.

I won’t involve the council, but I’ll have to put it in writing or something.


I’ve just been out to buy some new tap washers. A couple of months ago I bought two packets (of two) made by Doust in WA. Revolutionary, they said. Never have a drip again, they said.

So a month ago I put a pair in. They lasted three weeks before the drip was back, worse than ever. Very disappointed. A friend said he talks to plumbers and they say to use just the simplest, most basic washers. Don’t bother with anything fancy.

So that’s what I’ve bought this time, still Australian made, but pretty ordinary. I’ll put ’em in tomorrow.