Nice work




Isn’t that neat? I’m impressed by whoever the graphic artist was who thought of this.

I saw it on a small sign in a coffee shop the other day and I’ve redrawn it so as to post it here. This is not a scan or photo, I redrew it in a drawing program. It was easy enough to remember, and that’s the key to good advertising, that it sticks in your mind. It’s some student organisation’s logo.


I’m writing this at 4am. I can’t sleep again, although I slept easily for 90 mins from 1230pm this afternoon. I’ve just had some hot milk cocoa, sugar free stuff.

I’m reading about lupins. They’re a big crop in the WA wheat belt and the seeds are highly recommended for diabetic blood sugar control. Apparently WA produces 85% of the world’s supply.

They are a type of pulse, a bean, and they can be ground and used as flour like chick peas and lentils or made into flakes. One of the places to buy them is Farmer Jacks supermarkets and there happens to be one of those a few streets away from here. I’ll go over there today, maybe.


Aaaarrrgh, too tired to think straight. Time for another try at sleep, I think. Cheers.


One comment on “Nice work

  1. Fiona Baptie says:

    Hi, I noticed you know my big brother Graeme Baptie. whom I have not seen for around 25 years.. your photo is the first picture of Graeme I have seen in that time.. so glad to see he is ok. Fiona

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