Jumpin’ jackfish

earthquake map

First, to my many fans, all three of you, I’m fine. Possibly you’ve read about our magnitude 6.4 earthquake this morning? It happened at 06.50am and jerked me a wake. The bed was jumping, I thought, and I said aloud, “Oh, it’s an earthquake!” It only lasted 30 seconds or so here, but was quite unmistakable.

Not so good for the poor people on Lombok, with three killed.

I was a bit late looking at the pool. I thought there might be a tsunami, but no such luck. It looked pretty normal.

Aaah, escaped death to live another day.

My wounds are healing slowly but properly, with no signs of infection, thanks to the antibiotic, I think. I’ll have to buy some more. You can buy it here over the counter. Very sensible.