Gumpa lagi!


Wow, another gumpa, another earthquake, just five minutes ago. This was a sharp jolt, followed by the floor (concrete and tiles) swaying for 20 secs or so. It was big enough that I said to my friend, “We’d better go outside!” But the pool remained pretty calm, so that’s a good indication that it wasn’t too big.

This is additional to one we had at 11.35pm on Friday night, again small but it jerked me awake.

This was weird. An hour later, about 12.45am, I was again jerked awake by a flashing white light coming from outside, behind the curtains. Simultaneously, the TV switched on with loud pop music, then 4 secs later switched off again. I was like, “Huh??” It was like something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

My partner offered an explanation, that maybe she rolled on the TV remote in her movements, but simultaneously with the torch lights, and on and off again? As I said, weird. But I rolled over and went to sleep again. Too hard for me.

PS: I’m told there have actually been three gumbas so far this morning, not only here and Sumbawa but in NZ and Fiji. Global warming, President Dump.


We’re enjoying this hotel very much and have an exciting possibility of staying here more often, and for longer periods. Details are still being mulled over, but the hotel’s offer suits us very well. More news later.