The bells

Upper – Mars. Lower – Earth (Pink Lake, Jurien). Similar.


Someone turns the heat off, then back on again. Up down, up down. Doona off, doona on.


Ever since I bought the Honda MDX, the driver’s side inner door mechanism has been broken and the plastic housing cracked. It worked at first, and a previous owner has tried to glue it, but it’s broken again now and I have to wind the window down and open from the outside.

I’ve been scouring eBay looking for a replacement, and there are hundreds available, but the trouble is they’re for the USA Acura, with the driver’s opener and switches for the power seat memory on the left. They’re mirror image. Damn, they’re cheap too, US$15 or so.

So far, not a single one for RH drive. Frustrating. I’ll have to try a Honda dealer.


It’s our Northam High School Reunion next Saturday, for years 1960-64 that is. This will be our 55th, which is pretty amazing, especially as we have one of our teachers coming along. We have 213 on our list, although the number in red ink DECEASED is growing. We’ll get about 35 coming this year, and by popular demand we hold it annually now.


I’ve got a mild summer cold – dry but runny nose, a bit of stomach upset, fatigue (so what’s new), dry eyes. I hear a lot of people are getting it.


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