Sutri and me, 1983.

Facebook craziness. I’m a member of a group called Lost Bali on Facebook, dedicated to photos from the years up to 1990 before the southern part, at least, was overrun by Aussie and then Chinese tourists and rampant Jakarta money-fuelled developments.

When I first saw this group, I noticed most of the images were fairly poor quality, photos of prints, poorly shot slides covered in dirt and hairs and so on. I immediately thought, “This is right up my alley”. I have hundreds of photos from those years, all shot on slide film and expertly scanned (by me!) and looking good. So I started posting, and it’s been a hit, I can tell you.

However, one shot in particular has earned me a 24hr instant ban by Facebook. Why? Because, gasp, it shows nipples and breasts.

Here’s the photo.

A tourist guest at the Kuta Seaview Hotel, Bali, in 1983. I wish I knew who she is.

Isn’t that shocking?! Quick, cover your eyes. Don’t let any children or worse, pregnant women see this, it may cause a miscarriage.

Here’s another of their group.

Wow. Facebook believes this could cause world wars to break out or pandemics of disease. They’ve made it very clear that I can’t post such degrading material, even though I blurred the nipples out myself.

So look at your own risk, at your own peril. I’m sorry to place you in such danger but there it is. Good luck.