Bunker bulldust day 223

Dad at age 50 approx.

It’s the 29th of October. Happy Birthday Dad. He would have been 98 today.

It’s also 21 years on this day since I took my redundancy and walked out of the building at Channel 7. That was a bit emotional after 33 years, but my dogs kept me real busy and I didn’t need to look for work, so it was easy.

By jingo, I’ve had a fortunate life. I fell into a job that I loved and stayed in, never needing to switch. Then getting early “retirement” at age 52 with that voluntary redundancy and never needing to work again. Then finding the best house I’ve ever lived in to move to, in a great area. Then when this virus came, having a guaranteed income, no job to lose, no mortgage, no rent, no kids to worry about and plenty to occupy me. It’s been a charmed life.

That’s all for tonight. Cheers.