Pot gone

There’s the pot. See below.

Crikey, it’s raining again. Two days before the start of summer. And a cloudy day of 24degC while the eastern side of Australia, (Orstrehlia, as they say in The Crown 🙂 ) roasts in an up to 45degC heat wave.

We really are divorced from the east side here in WA. There are two different weather and climate systems on this continent. The long range forecast is for probable floods on the east side this and next year due to La Nina. There’s no chance of flooding here. We are bone dry on this side, with no prospect of any increased rainfall for the foreseeable future.


Speaking of The Crown, I watched the notorious episode four a few nights ago, which covers the 1988 tour of Australia and NZ by Charles and Di. It was glaringly obvious that they didn’t shoot it in Australia, but in Spain. It just looked wrong.

And they put dialogue in the mouth of Bob Hawke, newly elected PM, that was not just wrong but offensive. He didn’t talk about the queen as “a pig in charge of a mob of sheep”! He would never have said that, and I am offended. I’m very surprised that Richard Roxburgh, the actor playing Hawke, let those words through.

And as for the shots of Uluru, so obviously composited, and the ludicrous scene of Spanish rooftops meant to portray Brisbane, it was a joke.

This is typical Pommy arrogance. Near enough’s good enough for Aussie accents and scenes.


Vapour trail, 4pm yesterday.
A Panorama, but it looks curved.
The vapour trail was dead straight.

I stepped out of my front door at 4pm yesterday (Saturday) to see this amazing vapour trail. We don’t usually see vapour trails in WA because the air is too dry.

The other thing was that the trail just hung there. Usually they are quickly blown away by high altitude winds, but this one just hung there for 20-30mins. Sure, it gradually thickened, but I’ve never seen one so thick, so straight and so stable for so long.

But this one was from a big jet flying NW to SE, high enough to make this trail. The thing is, why is a jet flying over Perth and heading SE? If it came from the NW, where was it from? Maybe Sri Lanka, or Christmas Island? But if that was its origin, why would it fly so far south if it’s not landing in Perth? Where’s it going? Why does it have to go so far south, why doesn’t it fly over the middle of WA on a direct line to Melbourne or wherever?

De de de de, de de der der.


The title today refers to that great big pot in the top photo. That shows it with a Yucca in it, but it had a big Aloe Vera cactus ever since I’ve been here.

I told my neighbour that I didn’t like it very much and the lawnmower man removed the Aloe Vera a few months ago. Then a friend of my neighbour paid me $50 and came and took it away today. And the wooden plinth it was on. Good riddance I say. I want a tree in front of my house, not nasty spiky things. Satisfaction.