Ho hum, fine and hot again

Simple Whole Roast Chicken Recipe - The Dinner Bite
Not my chicken, an actor.

Merry Xmas everyone. It’s 37C in Perth (update: it did reach 40degC yesterday, Xmas Day!), beautiful, thin wispy clouds, soft breezes. Perfect. This really is the world’s best climate, in my opinion. We had a wet November, wettest on record, but that just meant heavy showers on a few days. I love this weather.

I’ve got a couple of friends coming tonight so I’ve been getting ready, roasting a bacon wrapped chicken breast and a tub of Mediterranean veges. I’ve pre-cooked meatballs and half a dozen kebabs on skewers (naturally). I’ve got sourdough pizzas ready to roast. And a plate of antipasto – prosciutto rolled with cheese, bresaola (aged dried thinly sliced beef) same, olives, stuffed and plain, cherries, strawberries, cheeses, crackers. Crisp warm sourdough rolls with butter. Yum!!!

Low fat low sugar ice cream too. I don’t have to resist as much as in the old days. Excellent Prosecco, my favourite wine these days. I have it in the bottle, but I also found 250ml cans which are both convenient as well as being just as nice as from the bottle. I had one at lunchtime, in fact, that was my lunch 🙂 Brown Bros King Valley.

One of the friends is teetotal (1834, a word possibly formed from total (adj.) with a reduplication of the initial T- for emphasis – T-totally) so he’s going to bring his own non alcoholic juice, which is handy. The other’s a beer man and will bring his own, so it all works well.

I thought of buying a crayfish since China has decided they don’t want ours, but decided against it. I’m not a big fan of cray, unless it’s chef cooked or just between buttered white bread. Too much trouble for me. Which reminded me, I meant to buy a tray of oysters but I forgot. Too bad – the luck, not the oysters!

Whatever, this will be a delicious and very pleasant dinner.


I bought myself a present, by the way:

It’s a big one. I’ve got two other tripods, both light weight for travelling, but on windy conditions it’s a loser’s game. The wind would have instantly blown my tripod and camera over if I’d let go the other night while trying to catch the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This one weighs 3.6Kg which means it’s quite hefty. I want it to live in my car so that I’m always ready for shots. It’s got a video head too, meaning the movement and rotation are very fluid, lightly greased for smooth pans and tilts. That’s mostly for video, but it works for stills as well when you lock the position. Price? $104. It’s coming next week.


I watched George Clooney’s movie The Midnight Watcher last night on Netflix. Naaah!

The premise is that a space ship is returning to Earth in 2049 after a many years’ long voyage to find a habitable moon or planet we could move to. They’ve found one, a moon of Jupiter (funny, it has just the right mix of atmospheric gases to be breathable by humans, and it’s even the right pressure so that they don’t explode – rubbish!).

But in the meantime, while they’ve been away, there’s been an all out nuclear war on Earth, making it uninhabitable. There’s nothing for the space crew to return to.

Except that George, a scientist with kidney disease requiring a dialysis machine, is up in the Arctic, a survivor. What a surprise. And even bigger surprise, he finds another survivor, a very young girl, about 10 years old, but she’s mute.

He thinks he can reach another scientific outpost some unspecified distance away, so he packs his dialysis machine and almost nothing else onto his snowmobile and they both set off into a blizzard. They go through some awful travails, including losing the snowmobile and his dialysis gear through thin ice, and he gets soaked through but somehow doesn’t freeze, and they start walking. He has some kind of direction finder, but hey, how come the snowmobile didn’t run out of fuel?

Anyway, to cut a boring story short, they reach the radio outpost and somehow he makes radio contact with the spaceship (hey, why no transmission delays? Are they so close to Earth that there’s no delay? Even as close as the moon is about 2.6sec delay. Bulldust!)

The space travellers have had huge trouble themselves and when they learn about Earth, two guys decide to use their little escape ship to come down anyway while the remaining two men and one (pregnant – she gets pregnant in space? Do they want a mutant baby?) woman decide to just loop around Earth and slingshot back to their new planet.

What a load of codswallop. As well, most of the dialogue is so quiet you can hardly understand what they’re saying. Long silences between people (yeah, just like real life, yes?) and almost unintelligible whispers when they do speak.

I was bored. I watched it to the end, but I would not recommend it. Listen to the scientists next time, George.


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