Autumn foliage. © PJ Croft 2021

Still warm, mid to high twenties each day with little or no rain. There’s an interesting situation developing off the NW coast of WA, where two cyclones have moved south, separated but circling each other like a giant dance. This makes their path unpredictable. They are shown as possibly joining up and moving on a line south, then crossing the coast well north of Perth and moving inland. If they do, the forecast is for LOTS of rain, maybe next Sunday and Monday.

Sunday is forecast for heavy rain. I look forward to it. I like variable weather.


Oslo railway station

I watched a Norwegian movie on SBS the other night, called Earthquake (about, y’know, earthquakes ‘n’ stuff) and one of the scenes showed a magnificent view of the Oslo railway terminus from a high building viewpoint. Aaah, good plan for a model railway, I thought, so above is a panorama I made from Google Earth today. Here are a few more views.

Lookit all dem goods wagons and containers!

I wouldn’t try to reproduce the whole lot but it’s a good plan. Now to try to get it into the modelling software called Anyrail. I haven’t done much recently but it’s always in my mind to get back onto it.


My appointment with the plastic surgeon finally came around on Tuesday, after a seven week wait! What a factory the place was. Doctor’s surgeries are usually fairly pleasantly decorated and furnished places. This was like a …. I dunno, business premises/factory/sports centre. It’s called Redimed and they deal with all kinds of medical/physio things. The waiting area is vast, with around two dozen chairs and low quality room dividers for the staff to sit behind, with cheap folding tables in front of them.

Anyway, the point is I waited more than an hour before my name was called! I was getting pretty restless by then so I was glad my time was finally up. I was shown into a small, bare consulting room with the cheapest of cheap desk and two chairs, plus an examination table. Was my waiting time up? No way. I had to wait another half hour before the doctor finally showed up! I was pretty browned off by then. That’s the longest wait I’ve ever had.

Anyway, it was to look at what I’ve been told is a cyst on my right temple, but may be more sinister, as doctors say. I can tell you, it’s been growing in size and becoming more painful in the seven weeks I’ve had to wait for that appointment.

Anyway, they took a piece for a biopsy and I go back next Wednesday for the next step. Obviously, it will have to be cut out and it’ll be a deep and wide hole. It’s about 12mm wide now, and quite sharply painful. They had to put two stitches in after the cut. It’s hurting.


I had to see the GP today about my C/T scan of the bladder last week, and the report was, “All clear”. No problems. So the original problem was just a bladder infection.

While I was there I asked if my Astra-Zeneca vaccination next Tuesday is still going ahead. Yes, he said, they have supplies and I’m a high priority customer, so it’s all go. That’s good to know.


The pandemic is taking its toll on the shops at Clarkson. There are several new boarded up casualties lately, including a greengrocer that’s located just outside Coles yet has survived for several years. I always wondered what they were thinking, since their prices were no cheaper. The only thing was that they had a bit wider range of exotic fruits and vegetables. Not any more – they’re gone now.


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