And yet another one

Sydney North 1978 © PJ Croft 2021

This time I mean – another lockdown. Yes, a guy who came in from Victoria and went through hotel quarantine in Perth, has tested positive and developed COVID after returning to Melbourne. Unfortunately, after he left quarantine in Perth, he moved around the city for five days, as he was quite entitled to do, and then flew back to Melbourne, again as he was allowed to do, before developing symptoms.

So the government have listed all the places he visited while in Perth and infectious, and we have to go into a three day lockdown from midnight tonight. That means the long weekend has been kiboshed and all Anzac Day services on Sunday have been called off.

Lucky I did my grocery shopping last Tuesday, and a bit more today, even though I/we didn’t know about this lockdown. I’ve got enough beer for the weekend (public holiday Monday) so I’m set.

Interesting to hear Dr Norman Swan on the radio just now saying that a federal government committee is giving wrong advice – that there is little chance of aerosol transmission and hence masks are of little benefit. He says that’s just plain wrong and there is clear evidence for airborne transmissions.

He also said that last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, there was good cooperation between the governments and scientists and doctors, resulting in good decisions and Australia’s excellent results, but the cooperation has broken down. Now, decisions are being made on the basis of what’s good for the economy, not what’s medically right, resulting in bad decisions about masks and hotel quarantines.

Dog help us.


Sydney 1978 © PJ Croft 2021

I am ashamed of this federal government and our pig-ignorant prime minister Scummo. He and his coal and gas loving mates are dragging the reputation of this country through the mud in the international greenhouse gas reduction stakes. He is embarrassing us! Australia used to be a leader in “doing the right thing”, i.e. in taking the lead in international aid, health initiatives, alliances and peace keeping and so on.

But this country is now one of the slowest and most recalcitrant countries in greenhouse gas reduction action. I am embarrassed. These fools in government in Canberra do not speak for me!

I can only repeat, conservatives are of low intelligence and are simply afraid, afraid to face reality, wanting to hide from the facts, unable to cope with change. Just fucking dumb, in other words. If it didn’t affect me, then let them be, but it does affect me, it affects everyone and their children and grandchildren.


I don’t generally buy things from AliBaba, the Chinese web site like, but something led me to it today and I’ve realised that they sell a huge range of things for my Peugeot 407.

Such as:

It’s a replacement LCD readout for the centre of the instrument cluster. Mine is missing many dots and is very hard to read sometimes. I’m sure it’s going to be tricky to get the instrument cluster out in order to do the job, but I believe there are YouTube clips telling how to do it.

The key I got with the car (just one) has mashed buttons for door lock/unlock. For $5.07 plus postage, I can swap the outer case with its new buttons. I’ll still only have one key but it’s a cheap fix.

Just doing a search on “Peugeot 407” has brought up hundreds of results for LED lamps, cosmetic items, sensors, engine fittings, brake pads, everything. Very interesting.


Pet Peeve of the Week: in the text above, I had to write that something “led me to” something. What has happened to the world? So many people, including journalists in major newspapers and periodicals are writing “Something lead me to” … L-e-a-d as in the elemental metal, or a dog’s lead, or a detective’s lead.

For goodness sake, it’s “led to”, not “lead to”. Lead to is the verb, as in this path will lead to the main road.


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