Lock up

Part view of Perth and the Swan River, looking north.

Wow, we’ve just set a new record – six days in a row above 40degC. And we’ve had eleven days above 40 deg so far this summer, also a record, and there’s still a month of summer left to go. And February is the hottest month. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

I found that if I had the air con running up to bed time, I could turn it off when I went to bed. The room held enough cool air that I slept OK. The room didn’t heat up too much. But if I left the air con running when going to sleep, I would wake about 2.30am and have to turn it off. Too cold. It’s good to have the choice.


Phuk! Phuk!! I’ve done it again. I forgot to charge the battery in the Honda and it looks to be dead. That makes the third time I’ve done this. I’m a bloody fool.

I’m wondering if there’s an intermittent fault that’s draining the battery. But unless you have monitoring apparatus, it would be damned hard to trace.

I’ve been thinking of an electronic solution; a solid state switch driven by a voltage reference circuit, set to about 10 or 11V. As long as the volts are above the reference, everything works normally. But if the battery volts dropped below around 10V, the circuit would disconnect the +ve supply so that no further drain could occur. Hmmmm.

This was an RAC supplied battery, only about eight months ago. I wonder how I’d go claiming warranty replacement.


Phuk! Phuk!! number two! I’ve been driving the Peugeot 407 this afternoon. The boot latch on this is operated by an electrical switch on the middle of the 0 in 407. Never had any trouble with it. Up to now.

But now, the switch won’t work! I can’t open the boot. It’s full of groceries. Luckily there’s no ice cream or butter to melt, but there is cold meat and cold pre-cooked meals.

All I can think of is that the back seat folds down to make a “ski” opening (it’s a French car). I should be able to reach through and pull the grocery bags into the back seat (it’s a coupe). But it will be difficult for me (I’m rather big). Damn, damn, damn.


And just to add to the troubles I’ve been having, I’ve been pissing blood. Not all the time, but last night. Probably a kidney stone. No pain, thank goodness, but it will have to be checked out. It seems to be one thing after another. Gettin’ old.


While I was in hospital last week, they said I am low in vitamin B12 and gave me an injection to boost my level. It had a noticeable effect. I came home feeling less tired and with more energy. It’s enough that I did 10 minutes non-stop walking on the treadmill a couple of days ago. I haven’t been able to do that for some time.

But it seems to be wearing off. I was put onto an oral vitamin B spray a couple of years ago. I stopped using it due to its bitter taste, but I think I’ll go back to it. I shall report on progress.


Last year I talked about books I was reading written by James Rosone and Miranda Watson They’re books about WW3, not exactly to everyone’s taste, but I praised the authors.

Well, recently I read another couple of books along the same lines by Andrew Watson (odd coincidence), and they are so well written that I actually re-read a couple that I’d read last year. It made me realise that this guy knows how to write! Forget what I said about James Rosone. I’m reading another of his (Rosone’s) books now and I’ll allow that he has a broad view of what a future war might look like, but he can’t hold a candle to Andrew Watson for writing skill. I recommend Watson.


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