Esperance WA

Wow, what beautiful weather for Easter. Looks like my mantra, “it always rains at Easter”, will be proven wrong this year.


The title refers to this piffle below. This utter, idiotic, simple-minded, trivial, stupid, uneducated, ignorant, garbage talk.

It was started by the Facebook wail of a woman I slightly know, who said she’s recovering from a bout of COVID (she’s in the USA) and was asking for advice on how to relieve the symptoms. With one exception, all these replies are from women. Note the suggestion to have the vaccination, as if that’s going to help after you’ve had the disease. Yet another woman rails against the vaccination. I have never read such piffle! Note the promotion of Ivermectin as a cure, even though it’s been proven ineffective.

Xxxx Sinclair

Get yourself some shungite.. Get the pallets [sic] and put them in your drinking water.. Keep a pendant on your body and I [sic] wand under your pillow .. I sense because you’re psychic and in-service you are being AI targeted.. Do you have a water filter I highly recommend it considering the latest information. Sounds to me like you have venom poisoning

Xxx Sinclair

Any time you want to meditate with me we can clear this energy I’m happy to help you I love you take it easy

Xxx Sinclair yes I have a water filter

Xxx Davis

My symptoms, we’re [sic] mild but I was depowered for 5 to 6 drag weeks. Beware, it also gives mind depression.

No idea why it took so long but we may have copped something weird and nasty at Canberra and, Epic.

Xxxxxx Hollebeke

Did u take evermectine. Gone in 2 days. Plus vit D. C. And lots of Zinc

Xxxxxxxx Ivermectine .. I take 2 x a month

Xxxxxxx Kat

I also had that cough lingering for 5 weeks after. Let’s just say. I think you should get vaccinated. It’s serious stuff

Xxxxxx Kat none of my friends who have been vaccinated have had milder cases than unvaxed friends. Agree it can be serious. You are not allowed to be vaxxed when u have covid ir for a period of time afterwards

Xxxxxxx Moulton

Xxxxxx Kat with all due respect but your mum makes her own decisions and that includes this so called “vaccine”

Instead of harming your Immunsystem with something you potentially don’t know you can instead just strengthen your Immunsystem with for example Quercetin 500mg, Zinc and Vitamin D 3 times a day together with vitamin C it is an incredible help for your Immunsystem!

Thousands times better than any drug the FDA or CDC wants to sell you.

You got jabbed, your decision!

Your mum is not and is not going to, her decision!

Xxxxxxxxx Whitaker

Depends how high your viral load was and what u are doing to treat it. And how early u start ivermectin,zinc, good vit c etc. And which variant u have. My daughter had omicron last month, took ivermectin for 2 days,and was better in 10 days.

Xxxxxxx King

Wish you fast recovery – I guess that you receive a lot of advise

For me – Ivermectin helped .

Xxxxxxxx King me too

But this or andographis is used as soon as possible .

Xxxxxxxxx Whitaker serpintina ..

God, spare me! Spare me from ever having to deal with stupid women!! Yes, I despise the women who write and spread trash like this, and I point out that it is almost always women, females, who are causing such problems on aircraft, at airports, at medical facilities, at schools and so on. Why is it that women are the trouble-makers?


I’ve become quite an habitual viewer of YouTube clips made by mechanically trained guys on car repairs. They vary in quality, of course, but two of the best are LegitStreetCars and M539Restorations. The former is a Mercedes trained mechanic in Chicago, talking and showing mostly Mercedes topics (but some other cars). The latter is a German guy in Germany who specialises in BMWs. He’s a really personable and funny guy. He seems to work on his own project cars, restorations or not.

In the one I’ve been watching last night, which he calls Project Raleigh, he rebuilds a 2006 BMW M5 E39 V10. Wow, I have never seen such a complex engine and such a complicated repair. He wants to replace the big-end bearings, and in order to take the sump off to get to them, he has to remove the entire front suspension – wheels, brakes, cross members, tie rods, trailing arms, brake lines – everything! Then you can see up into the 10 cylinder crankshaft and see him replace the simple half shell bearing sleeves. He dismantles all this with nonchalant humour.

Mind you, it helps that he’s in Germany and all the parts he needs are available “just down the road”, or available second hand. He ends up spending more than €10,000 just on replacement parts. His own labour occupies several weeks’ worth – this would be completely unviable for a paying customer.

The US Chicago guy likes to buy bargain cars at auctions, usually but not always Mercedes, sometimes BMWs, and fixes them up to “flip them”, that is to make a quick profit. Many times they’ve been bank repossessed or owner abandoned for relatively simple faults. It’s fascinating to find out what the faults are in these cars.

In both cases, these guys are totally self confident in disassembling the cars. I’m great at disassembling things, it’s putting them back together that I’m not so good at. I recommend these channels.


I’m listening to radio talk about Ukraine and the Russians at the moment. Last week I put up a FaceBook post decrying the way the Russians are indiscriminately killing civilians, bombing hospitals and apartment blocks, behaving as depraved maniacal savages. I said that Australia has Rules of Engagement that would prevent orders being given to pilots and servicemen to commit such atrocities, and that Australian pilots and soldiers would refuse to carry out such barbaric orders. Yet Russian servicemen (and women) seem to have no qualms. They don’t care who the kill or how.

I said I consider Russians to be barbarians, to be depraved, cold blooded killers with no morals.

Someone in FaceBook didn’t like my post and it was removed on the grounds of being “hate speech”. The hypocrisy. Facebook allows false information from people like Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly and the drivel above, containing false information, yet won’t allow the truth when I post it. Pathetic.