The week just past …

Dubai. Wow. I don’t like their rulers very much, but my jaw drops at their architecture.
I don’t know if this is a liveable building or if it’s just decorative.

Aaah, beautiful weather the last few days, a bit cloudy this morning but only 22deg with a light breeze, perfect!


This is a posting in the NextDoor web site today. I’m thinking of contacting this lady to find out how I can buy a 2014 car but 23 years ago.

When I read the ad, it said she can’t understand how to set up the display for phone and radio etc. She has the handbook, but doesn’t have the patience to read and follow it. She’s willing to pay someone to do it for her. Wow.


Something on a higher plane. I got the big Nikon P950 out last Tuesday evening, and put it on my biggest tripod.

Nikon P950, 24-2000mm lens.

I was hoping to get a shot of the “Green Comet” – last chance as it heads back out into spoace, not to pass Earth again for around 50,000 years. Hmmm, maybe I can wait to get a better shot?

Anyway, from my back lawn I can clearly see lots of sparkling stars, with the Big Dipper especially prominent. To the right (east) of it is Mars. The comet is supposed to be above Mars.

Well, I got a shot of Mars:

But I couldn’t see the comet. Here’s what a real astro-photograph looks like:

© Antoine and Dalia Grelin via Petapixel

You can see why it’s called the Green Comet. The colour comes from some element or gas in its tail.


Speaking of NextDoor, I put a notice in last week, asking for help in taking some goods to the op shops. I’m feeling very weak these days and although I managed, with help, to get the things into the back of the Honda, and I took them to the shops a couple of times, the shops couldn’t help me bring them inside, or just plain couldn’t take them.

So I put a notice in NextDoor asking for help. Well, I was very pleased to get about six replies in short order. A woman called Grainne (Irish name) came and transferred them into her car and a couple of hours later phoned to say she’d dropped them off, no problem. I was very grateful. And one guy, on the phone, said he lives just around the corner in my street, and if I need any help to give him a call. That’s fantastic. Restores my faith.


Damn, we get the usual hoons riding around here on their noisy chopper motorbikes with the illegal exhausts, shattering the air and my peace.

The result is that the roads people have installed what they call “cushions”, the raised sections of road, on a 50Km/h section of Kingsbridge Blvd and at the corner of the above and my turnoff, into Wadhurst Rd. Therefore we have to suffer the big bumps due to these idiots! I’m angry!!


And speaking of hoons, scammers!

A fake scam ad. Made with AI, from PetaPixel.

The scourge of the 21st Century – scammers! The above ad is a fake. If you donate, you’ll be sending your money to the dirty scammer, not any appeal fund. Beware.


People and their phones! I was at the shops last weekend sitting on a seat, watching the passers-by, when I saw a woman slowly walking past absorbed in looking at her phone. Behind her was a young boy, maybe 12 or 14, also absorbed in his phone, but walking much faster.

Sure enough, he banged right into her from behind. Both of them muttered apologies, but for goodness sakes, They both looked surprised. I made a light hearted comment but neither of them seemed to think anything odd had happened. Duh!


Woolies are at it again! Checkout pricing errors which are ALWAYS in THEIR favour.

Last week I bought some plums that were reduced to $4,90/Kg from $8.90. I wouldn’t have bought at the higher price.

What did they scan at? The higher price, of course. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow my own rule of check your docket before you leave! Then the docket got wet. I could probably still complain – I probably will. But you cannot trust Woolworths!


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