Sierra Nevadas, USA 1988 © P J Croft

I had the next injection of fluid into my gastric band yesterday (Friday), only a week after the first lot. I wasn’t noticing any effect from the first injection, nothing at all, so I emailed the surgeon last Monday and asked if I could speed it up. No problem he said, and within an hour, I had a new appointment.

When I said I wasn’t getting any benefit, he wondered if I might have a leaking band. Easy to check – just put the needle in and draw the fluid out. If there’s 3ml in the syringe, then there’s no leak, and that’s how it turned out – it checked OK. It seems I have a bigger band that needs more fluid, so he put another 2ml in, making 5ml in all so far.

Now I can feel it. It just feels a bit harder to get food down and I’m burping a bit more when I try. Nothing serious. I’m also noticing a feeling of fullness after only a little food. This is good. I’m still getting a bit hungry, but if I can cut the total food intake, without getting ravenous, that’s ideal.

I’ll let this work for a week or two and see what happens. Let’s hope for good results.

Cheers, Pete