I’m in luck

Edinburgh looking NE from the castle © P J Croft

Just when I was beginning to despair of getting a stable, powerful editing program up and running on my new Core i7 computer, Canopus came to the rescue yesterday.

To recap, I’ve been having all sorts of problems editing my hi-def video using Adobe Premiere Elements 7 on my Core 2 Duo computer. I got near the end (about 35 mins of program) but the program just kept crashing. I’ve been on the forum – everyone’s having the same trouble.

Then I discovered Canopus Edius Neo, a slimmed down version of a well regarded broadcast editing program. I used that for a while and although it’s stable and capable, it’s nowhere near as nice to use as Premiere.

I built this new, much more powerful computer last week, thinking that would allow me to continue with Premiere. But no, that program runs rather poorly on the new computer, and still crashes and locks up, despite masses of RAM and 8 cores of CPU! I don’t think it’s a very well written piece of software.

No worries, I thought, I’ll install the demo version of Edius Neo and finish it that way. But I’m running Windows 7 64 bit on the new computer and Neo didn’t like it. I couldn’t get it to run!

Woe is me, I thought, what am I going to do now? But yesterday, I was browsing the forums and noticed a reference to Edius Neo 2. Sure enough, it’s just come out, right at the time I need it. Shazzam! I downloaded the demo, installed it and it works great. How’s that for luck?

It’s not as nice to use as Premiere, but I think Canopus have made themselves a sale. Of course, as far as I can see, it’s not released in Australia yet, but I’ve got 30 days on the demo so that will let me finish my project. There are other hassles with sound synchronisation, but several hours work this afternoon has shown a way to fix that, so I’m nearly finished The Road to Dornie. I hope to complete it this week or next.

What a saga! I’ve been struggling with this for nearly 6 months now, so it’ll be good to close it off and move on to something new. Venice and Milan, I think. I have lots of material from my time there last year.

I was thinking of taking advantage of the low airfares to repeat the trip to London and Europe this Aug/Sept/October, but I need to lose weight, regain fitness and make sure the band is working without problems first. It’s probably not a good time to be travelling while there’s a flu pandemic on either, I think. I’ll see how it looks in a month or two.

Venice, Grand Canal © P J Croft