The Villa is Blessed

Making the offerings

 Today was the blessing ceremony and feast and although it was supposed to start at 11am, we waited and waited until about midday while they got ready.

I was required to wear the sarong.

Lots of serious looking ladies and gents arrived in traditional costumes and tables of offerings (the small wicker baskets) were set out. They included eggs, stones, a dead bird, flowers and various fruits and palm leaves.

A small fire was lit in the lawn of villa 2 and some chanting was done, accompanied by a constant dinging of a bell. I’d hoped there might have been a gamelan orchestra, but not today.

Then we owners in turn were required to dip our forefinger in various pastes and make a sign of a cross on the frame of each doorway, first outside on the Balinese doorway, then inside on each bulding and the gazebo. Each time, we had to use three pastes and a hard fruit, then shake water off flower petals three times on the cross we’d just drawn.

Maxine, Patricia, Yudhie, dan Pak Pete

I have no idea of the meaning, but it was an honour all the same.

Then it was into the feast – babi guling, roast suckling pig, chopped up into small pieces and served with rice and pork sate. Washed down with plenty of beer.

I have a confession to make. I’ve changed my mind. I’m not buying the two storey villa after all!

After spending a good part of the day in villa 2 today and seeing it in a different light, literally, I’ve realised it’s much more practical for me. The lift was actually going to cost more than I’d be prepared to pay, so the stairs may well have become a problem in future years.

Switching to villa 2 means I don’t have stairs to cope with and there’s much more room. I’m actually in there now, the guys having moved all my stuff, bed, mattress and all, with no hint of complaint. All the villas are quite different and I’m happy with my decision. The villa costs $40K more, but that’s not as much as the lift was going to cost.

So after watching the housekeeper’s family move back to villa 3 (wow, so much stuff! Like the Tardis, bigger on the inside than the outside), I had a swim and was able to get out by hanging onto the gazebo post near the pool steps.

And I might stay on! I was asked, why such a short trip? I had no answer. I hadn’t thought of staying, but why not? It doesn’t cost me to stay, so as long as my dog is OK, I’ll stay at least another week, maybe more. What a strange concept.

Fridge and microwave oven tomorrow. And I’m sunburned.


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