I awoke during the night to the sound of a piece of timber falling, “Whack”, but that’s all I knew of the earthquake last night at 1.08am. I’m told it was 26Km off the east coast, but 560Km deep in the crust, so although people felt the swaying, it caused no damage. I can’t find what the falling timber was. Maybe it was part of the flat-pack wardrobe I’ve been putting together.

I slept right through it. People said they saw the water in swimming pools surging back and forth. Exciting.

Crumbs, Friday already.

My plan to stay longer is not as simple as I thought. I only brought enough of my tablets for two weeks, and even then, some are missing fom the second week’s container. Most don’t matter too much, but two are “don’t stop suddenly” types.

I’ve managed to get 10 days’ supply of one of them today, but not the other one. That one consists of three tablets a day, so if I just take one a day, they’ll last longer. I’ll try again tomorrow. I can last until next weekend (19/20 March) but better head home then.

This is a good test of whether I can get the pharmacy items I need here.

Unfortunately, I was too slow changing my AIrAsia ticket. You can change your flight up to 48 hours before, but I left it to today, so I’ve missed my chance. $124 lost, but it can’t be helped.

Yudhie has suggested I should rent the villa out while I’m in Perth, until I’m here full time. But to do that I’d have to spend a lot of money – two more beds and mattresses, about $800 all up; a table and chairs, another $500 or so; a lounge suite, maybe $350; a TV – another $500; some bedroom chests, another $500. Ouch. Not to mention bed linen, cutlery, crockery, appliances.

I’ll have to spend this sooner or later, but I’d rather do it at my own pace.

It’s now 5pm, after a bit of rain this morning, but a nice afternoon. I have no trouble handling this climate. Sure, you get a bit sweaty, but cooling off is easy with just fans. I’ve got two now and I’m no longer using the aircon at night, just a fan.

Time for a swim, then some nice cold beer from my new fridge and a cheap meal down the street. Most meals are about $8-$10, and you get a bit sensitive to price. 100,000!!?? How much??? Er, that’s $11. Fabulous. Then a movie on the laptop from my collection of over 200.

Speaking of which, I took a tumble after slipping on some mud on Wednesday night, and the laptop crashed to the bitumen. It’s got some nasty scratches to prove it.

When I first tried it next time, it wouldn’t boot, saying there was a disk error. Uh oh. I let it do its complete disk test for over an hour but it said it couldn’t recover. Thing is, I did a complete backup to an external hard drive on the day I left last Sunday, but the hard drive is still sitting on my table at home! Dumbo!

Never give up! Never believe Bill Gates. The computer had turned itself off, but I tried once more and bingo, up it came, good as gold. Phew.



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