Back in Perth again

Ooops, sorry for the long gap. I came back to Perth on Sunday morning for various reasons, including not wasting my air ticket. We had a fast flight. Somehow, we arrived nearly 40 minutes early. I guess it must have been a favourable wind, but blowing from north to south?

Because I was one of the first off and had no bag, just my cabin bag, I was through and out in 20 minutes. It was 4am and I couldn’t face 3 hours wait for a lift, so I got a taxi home. Wow, $60 hurts after $10 fares in Bali.

Back to the heat! Will this never end? I was cooler in Bali, definitely.

Back to the depressing job of packing up. I can see an end to it, but it’s still a way off.

My new villa: beds 1&2 on left, beds 3&4 on right, pool in background

Click on the photo for full sized image.

Reverse view showing the living/dining/kitchen block and the pool.

I hope to plant a big spreading shade tree in the centre, but I’ll need to check carefully for a type which doesn’t get too big, or drop too many leaves, or have invasive roots…

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