By Goddard

Thanks to KG (no, not King George V) I’ve discovered Robert Goddard, the British author, and I’m a fan! Good writing, complex plot lines, surprising twists and turns and quite a few new words to look up and learn.
I thought the author’s name seemed familiar and a few nights ago I was watching a program about rocket development (yeah, rocket science, slightly). There was the name Robert Goddard again, this time the American rocket developer in the 1940s and 50s.
I’ve just finished the UK author’s book Past Caring, and here’s another coincidence: the storyline encompassed British politics around 1910, David Lloyd George, the suffragette movement and King George V (hence my reference above). My current book is Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants, and by coincidence, it’s set in the same time, 1911, suffragism, Lloyd George and King George V.

That’s handy, because now I understand all the references in Follett’s book, which, by the way, is not nearly as well written as Goddard’s. Follett’s a good story teller, but not a great writer in my opinion.

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