It’s Uncanny

First, ever get that constricted feeling on public transport?
Ain’t that great? It’s advertising painted on a bus in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I think I’ve mentioned coincidences before, but I had a beauty today.
I’ve read about Cholmondeley before in a guide book or something. It’s a village in England. In typical English fashion, it’s pronounced Chumley. So quaint.
It popped into my head just after rising this morning for some reason, as words often do, and I thought about it briefly in the shower before moving on to other things, like getting my desk inside and having to vacuum first, exciting stuff like that.
A couple of hours later I was reading my latest novel, set in London in the 1990s, when one of the characters says, “You free for lunch? I’ll pick you up. Cholmondleys?”
I was so surprised by the coincidence I looked skywards and laughed involuntarily in sheer amazement. These things keep happening. I don’t think I’m psychic, but what the … ?
Similarly, I reckon I’ve swallowed a juke box at some time in my life. Just about every waking moment I’ve got some song playing in my head. Sixties and seventies hits, mainly, and since I like 6IX that’s not surprising, but it’s so consistent! Luckily, it’s not too loud.
Are you seeing the conjunction of the planets in the evening these days?
This is tonight, Saturday
Venus and Jupiter are quite close together in the western sky just after sunset, very bright and easy to see. Venus is the brighter one on the right, even though it’s much smaller than Jupiter, because it’s much closer.

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