Spring is a-springin’



Paris Gare du Nord, 9 September 2008. Wish I was there now.  © P. J. Croft 2012

Nice day, ay?  I’m feeling so much better that I actually went for a walk before breakfast and managed to walk the 250m to my bench seat goal without stopping for a breather and without using my stick. It was OK, so I’ll push myself to do it more. My legs seem to be stronger and have less swelling (fluid).

I tried to entice Minnie to follow me, but for the first time, she wouldn’t leave my lawn. She’s OK, but getting a bit slower. She’s 14 now, 98 in human terms! But she still has all her teeth and faculties, no problem.


I forgot to mention yesterday: in July, I bought a Manfrotto 334B monopod, a design where you squeeze a grip and the monopod is supposed to slide down to the ground. Let go the grip and you have your stable camera platform.

But the one I got is faulty. It was so stiff as to be unusable, even pulling the column down. The handle felt dead.

I emailed the Qld firm but got no response. This went on for three weeks, and to make a short story, I had to make a complaint to Qld fair trading. Eventually, I got a return authorisation and was meaning to post it back to them when all the ambo rides happened.

So it sat there in its box, waiting for me to get around to it.

On Wednesday, I got a call from the head man of the firm, asking, “Have you sent it to us?”

No, I said, but will do asap. “Don’t worry,” he said, “Keep it. We’ve had several other returns. It seems to have been a faulty batch. We’ll refund your money in full, but you can keep the monopod. Have a go at fixing it yourself.” He wasn’t aware of the Dept of Fair Trading complaint, even though I’ve told them! Someone in that firm is stuffing up.

Well, knock me down with a ball and socket head. So I’ve got a free monopod. I’ve started taking it apart (very easy) and it’s still stiff, so I just need to loosen a big acorn nut and we’ll see what happens.

They’ve redeemed themselves and I’ve already ordered a Manfrotto fluid video head, so I may even order another Manfrotto item I’ve noticed recently, a half ball head, with the refunded money.

Sometimes, you win.